- Last day to apply: 7th or May 2023

- The competition is open for pianists of all nationalities from all the countries of the world.

- The competition is entirely online.

- We can accept only videos sent through YouTube links.

- Only videos available to view are accepted. Please make sure you set the video available for us.

- The contestant can record each piece and Sonata movement in a different track and send each piece in a separate link. Variations are not accepted in separated links, must be recorded as one whole.

- The recording can be cut BETWEEN the movements and pieces, but not DURING the pieces.

- The application of minor age musicians must be filled and submitted by their parents or legal tutor.

- We kindly advise to send a recording recorded on upright or grand piano, but it is not a requirement.

- Professional editing is allowed. Changing the angles of the camera as well, but it must be always clear that it is the competitor who is playing. If it is not clear, the submitted video can not be accepted.

- Each competitor will apply to the corresponding category, however, it is allowed to apply to a higher age category.

- The pieces must be performed by memory. In case of a concerto played with a piano accompaniment, the second pianist is allowed to use the scores.

- By participating in the competition the competitors automatically disown the right for any material (financial) remuneration regarding eventual publication and distribution of submitted music video recordings and the other sent materials.

- The application fee can not be refunded.

- The contestants will be judged based only on the submitted recordings.

- The decision of the jury is final.

- The participant of this competition will accept these rules.

Age categories and repertory:

Category A: 6-8 years old
Maximum playing time: 7 minutes, free repertory

Category B: 9-11 years old
Maximum playing time: 10 minutes, free repertory

Category C: 12-14 years old
Maximum playing time: 15 minutes, free repertory

Category D: 15-17 years old
Maximum playing time: 17 minutes, free repertory

Category E: 18-32 years old
Maximum playing time: 30 minutes, free repertory

Category F: No age limit!
Maximum playing time: 30 minutes, free repertory

All contestants of all categories can choose a free repertory always in the field of the classical music, may be included any period and style. A piano concerto played with a second piano is accepted. Chamber music pieces and piano concerto played with orchestra are not accepted in the competition.

-The application fees are:

Category A: 40 EUR 
Category B: 45 EUR
Category C: 50 EUR 
Category D: 60 EUR
Category E: 70 EUR
Category F: 80 EUR

Apply by sending us an email to greatpianomasters@gmail.com with the following information:

-Full name
-Email address
-Age category
-Complete repertory
-YouTube links
-Id or proof of age
-Phone number
-Name of the teacher (optional)

If you don't hear from us within 24h after sending your application, please contact us directly on greatpianomasters@gmail.com or on +34 622 73 22 77 (Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, iMessage)

The deadline to apply is Sunday, 7th of May 2023

Our email address is greatpianomasters@gmail.com
Phone number: +34622732277 (Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber)